Children’s Division & Youth Division Classes


Very young children are introduced to Japanese language and culture in a comfortable learning atmosphere by using pictures, music, videos, origami, crafts and games. Children will gradually absorb language and culture through the use of their eyes, ears and voice.



Beginner to early intermediate classes are offered to elementary and middle school youth, ages 8 to 13. This division is designed for students to acquire the language skills and cultural knowledge needed to transfer smoothly into high school Japanese language programs. Class Levels 1-3 will accommodate young students based on individual learning ability and progress rather than strict age levels.

Level 1: Introduction to Japanese language and culture with an emphasis on oral expression, including greetings, phrases, simple sentences and short dialogues. Hiragana is gradually introduced–first through reading, then basic writing by the end of the school year. Music, crafts and games using language are also part of the experience.

 Level 2: Communication and oral drills are emphasized. Students learn to read short sentences written in Hiragana. Reading is also encouraged using story books. Gradually, Katakana and very simple Kanji are introduced.

 Level 3: Students will be asked to communicate with longer phrases and sentences, both orally and in writing. Story reading and reading comprehension will increase. Stronger use of Katakana and additional Kanji are included.