High school students from 9th grade through 12th grade may receive foreign language credit by taking a Japanese credit test through LBJLS. There are many benefits to studying Japanese for credit at LBJLS. Students will earn between 10-40 credits while studying other subjects and accumulating more credits at their home schools. Most public and private high schools allow their students to take foreign language instructions at private language institutes for credit.


Who is eligible to take the test?

High school students who are currently in the 9th grade or above.

How many credits will the student receive?

A maximum of 10 credits per year. Students will be able to take up to 40 credits during their four years in high school. (Torrance district allows only 10 credits).

When will the students take the exams?

The conversation test will be given on the last Saturday of April. The written test, which contains listening comprehension, vocabulary, Kanji and grammar will be given on the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of April – depending on the Easter Holiday.

Can students take this test at any Japanese Saturday school?
No, only schools which satisfy the requirements from the district can administer the test.

What are the requirements?

The most important requirement is the total hours of instructions. Others requirements are: teaching methods, content of the materials, qualification of teachers, etc. Most of the districts where Long Beach Japanese School students attend (Long Beach, Palos Verdes, Torrance, Los Alamitos, Bellflower and many districts in Orange County) require 180 hours of instructions of 18 hours per credit. Only L.A. district requires 120 hours.

How many hours of instruction do we have at Long Beach Japanese Language School?

Fall semester consists of 3 hours 45 minutes each Saturday for 18 weeks for a total of 67 hours 30 minutes. Spring semester offers 3 hours 45 minutes for 18 weeks for a total of 67 hours 30 minutes. Summer session offers 3 hours 45 minutes each Saturday for 7 weeks for a total of 26 hours 15 minutes. The total hours are 161 and 15 minutes.

Additional hours will be required for all students taking the test. Special Saturday afternoon classes will be held from January until June (about 16-18 weeks) from 1:00pm to 2:30pm (24-27 hours).

Two culture related programs (Optional but participation is recommended) will be held on the last Saturday of June and Labor Day weekend for an additional 16 hours. The regular classes, with the addition of the special classes and the culture related classes will give the students more than their required number of hours needed for credit. (total 185-188 hours with an optional 16 extra hours.)

What is the fee for the test and afternoon class?

The test fee is $30.00

The fee for the material and afternoon class is $50.00

Is there a requirement for the hours of attendance?

Yes, we have to report the total attendance hours to schools. Each school has its own standard for attendance. For example: Long Beach Poly High School rejected a student’s credit in previous years because the students attendance hours did not meet the school’s requirements. The student attended 120 hours and the student’s test score was 99%.

To first years students and second year students: the test covers all areas that are expected to be covered in 12 months for Level 1 students. The majority of the new students, especially students who start in September, may not be prepared enough to meet the requirements. Therefore, we offer special extension classes from 1:00pm to 2:00pm on November 13th and 20th, and December 4th and 11th in room #7. Bring something to eat for lunch. The class will start at 1:00pm on the dot.

Please contact LBJLS for further information.